Switch Smile (Eclipse+admob)

Switch Smile (Eclipse+admob)
Switch Smile is one of the most addictive and annoying games available on mobile devices to date. Best of all, Switch Smiles uses real gravity. This means this game is NOT easy to play, it’s faster, more fun and more frustrating than any similar game available to date.

Main Features:

Universal (Phone & Tablet)  AdMob Banner and Interstitial  Share Button  Review Button Facebook Button  Rate Button  LeaderBoard Button  Online LeaderBoard  Up To 24 levels And More on update

Files Included:

eclipse Project  Android Files  All Game Assets Included  Live Guide Help  apk game file for  Upload to Google play  After making all changes 
Welcome to this Switch Smiles ! Switch Smiles is a one-touch arcade where you have to press a jump cube, and you must follow the pattern on each obstacle to cross it! The game is simple on the surface – tap to keep a Switch Smiles bouncing in the air and match its Switch Smiles to an obstacle to cross it. Go through as many obstacles as you can before crashing into a different Smiles of your cube. The challenge of the game is that the obstacles are moving and the Switch Smile changes Smile.
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