Fio Social App

Fio Social App

Twitter like app created with latest technologies such as Angular 4, FireStore, RxJs, NodeJs and others. App demo version is deployed with firebase hosting.


Please make sure currently app released under beta version and there will be updates frequently every new created features increases the app price if you already purchased you’ll get the notification about updates without any issues.

ToDo list available at Trello (public)

  • User login with email and username
  • User register implemented with checking unique username
  • User edit profile
  • User presence ( functions )
  • User dedicated landing page
  • User follow gets latest 10 topics from user and puts user feed ( functions )
  • User unfollow removes all the user feeds ( functions )
  • User new topics pushes followers feeds ( functions )
  • Topic replies pushes notification to user ( functions )
  • Twitter like topic view and replies
  • Topic likes ( functions )
  • New topic replies will be stored user replies section

v.1.0.5 beta

  • Improved replies
  • User delete created its topics
  • Proper documentation
  • and other small bugs which might appear

v.1.0.3 beta

  • username mouseover info
  • `ng build—prod` fixing bugs (bug fixing)
  • User cover and image upload improving (bug fixing)
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